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28.09.2008 22:55
Auszug aus dem "2008 General Assembly, Final Agenda" antworten

27) Action Air

People are no longer entering shooting along the traditional pathways. If IPSC wants to expand its base, it needs to understand what motivates people, especially young people, to choose shooting from the array of other activities available to them today, and at the same time, recognize the constraints that have been imposed on recreational shooting over the years.

With increased urbanization comes the loss of land available for shooting ranges. This creates additional travel time to shooting ranges, adding time pressures to already busy schedules. Fewer and farther ranges mean less actual range time.

Surveys confirm that it was fathers or friends that got most shooters initially started in shooting. The data also shows that non-shooters contemplating recreational shooting are concerned about not having convenient access to places to shoot and that they want a safe, controlled environment to overcome the initial apprehensions of maybe doing something wrong.

Much like training wheels on a bicycle, Action Air provides a safe, controlled, home environment that can enable and provide helpful teaching, training, and mentoring. Reinforcing safety, safe gun handling, and honing fundamental skills at home will increase the quality of the actual range time, decreasing those initial apprehensions, and building interest.

Furthermore, there are reduced costs to get a person started in shooting. Action Air gives the beginning shooter (and family members) an opportunity to become interested and involved in shooting without the initial costs becoming a burdensome factor.

Many Regions have extended waiting periods for handgun licensing and permits. Action Air would allow these future members the opportunity to practice and shoot while waiting. People today, young and old, have become accustomed to immediate gratification with television and the Internet. They aren't used to waiting. Action Air allows for the interest and enthusiasm in shooting now, not a year down the road.

Action Air matches would provide an excellent environment to develop competitive skills, far less daunting than jumping into competition for the first time with a handgun. Action Air shooters can make the mistakes and enhance their skills before taking the next step.

Action Air shooters can be further hooked by introducing a Crossover Proficiency Test. This will allow Action Air shooters to participate in IPSC handgun matches following the successful completion of a live fire Crossover Proficiency Test.

Action Air provides a safe, controlled, convenient environment for the introduction to IPSC shooting, making it an overall part of the strategic plan to recruit and retain new shooters. Recognizing Action Air as an actual IPSC discipline legitimizes it and allows for the organization on the Regional level under the overall supervision of the IPSC General Assembly.

Action Air can be one of the biggest recruitment tools of new shooters entering IPSC competition because it meets the needs of the new shooter and fits in with today's world of less, free and more structured, time.

37. Motion
That the provisional Action Air Rule Book be updated to the 2009 Handgun Rules and be provisionally accepted for one year.
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